Complete Coffee System Design Services

BURNS has the engineering know-how to take your production facility into the 21st century with vast experience in coffee processing systems and advanced plant controls solutions. BURNS can handle any roasting system concept, from green bean coffee processing to ground coffee degassing. Lot-tracking, data-logging, production scheduling and SKU management for green and roasted coffee are all within our capabilities. Our systems are developed with modularity in mind so that your plant controls solution today can expand as your business grows.

BURNS offers NPFA-compliant dust collection system design for all plant system offerings whether you choose to place your dust collector on the exterior of your facility or on the interior.
BURNS offers a multitude of green coffee intake solutions, whether you primarily use jute bags, burlap sacks, super sacks, rolling totes or a combination.
BURNS understands that not all green coffee is created equal. Imperfections and defects happen, which is why we are proud to offer effective systems for green coffee cleaning and processing. Our green bean cleaners are installed worldwide where customers need to ensure that sticks, stones, string, burlap or other contaminants don’t enter their downstream coffee processing equipment.
BURNS provides accurate weighment systems for green coffee introduced to your coffee roasting system for accurate lot management and production traceability.
BURNS offers both pneumatic and mechanical conveyor systems for moving green coffee throughout your roasting system with transport rates custom-sized to ensure that downstream equipment isn’t starved of raw material during your production schedule.
Green coffee storage systems create the operational buffer between your green coffee supply and roasting operations. Storage silos provide options for individual green coffee origins, with weigh scale systems below for accurate blend management and batching to your roasters.
BURNS 23R, B540R and B270R roasting systems provide the roasting capacity you need to meet your production goals with integration to your upstream and downstream handling equipment, delivering the data tracking required in today’s food manufacturing industry.
Blend-After-Roast (BAR) systems provide the production flexibility you need to efficiently and accurately create your product blends for packaging or further processing. Paddle mixers and weighment systems guarantee repeatability so that you can always deliver the same product to your customers.
Gentle mechanical drag conveyor systems make sure that your whole roasted bean products make it to their end destination in one piece.
Roasted coffee bean grinders manufactured by BURNS parent company Probat deliver the granule size and product density required by your product specifications.
Ground coffee storage and degassing solutions provide ample buffer for your packaging machines, ensuring consistency in your packaged, finished goods.