The design of our B270R is timeless: cast iron construction, with the latest technological controls for maximum operating efficiency. Flexible, reliable and built to last, the B270R is the newest addition to the Burns line of industrial coffee roasters.  The B270R offers the same features and benefits as the 23R but is half the size and provides all the flexibility.

B270R – Imperial

B270R – Metric


  • 100 to 270 lbs / 45 to 120 kg per batch
  • 4-5 batches per hour
  • Up to 1,350 lbs. / 612 kg per hour
  • 2 bag roaster


  • Convective heat-transfer technology for lower roasting temperatures and higher air flow
  • Patented perforated drum for consistent roasting*
  • Roast times between 3.5-15 minutes
  • Pro Controls for sequential control of entire process—from roasting to cooling and destoning—as well as maximum production and repeatability.

Pro Controls

  • 9-Stage profile roasting
  • Capable of storing up to 999 profiles
  • Curve tracking control application
  • Stored curve tracking and batch reports
  • Real time alarms and alarm history
  • Automatic / continuous or manual batching
  • Remote plant system profile selection
  • New maintenance mode
  • New preheat and ACO programs
  • VPN module enables remote support

Features & Benefits

  • Modular design for fast installation
  • Space-saving footprint—significantly smaller than solid drum roasters
  • Batch size flexibility as low as 100 lbs / 45 kg
  • Recirculating system for energy efficiency
  • Automated Clean Out (ACO) for product consistency and minimal maintenance
  • Stirflex™ cooler for effective cooling
  • Safety features to meet local code
  • Environmental controls
  • Pro Controls with curve tracking for automatic profile roasting
  • 12-week delivery time


Industrial Coffee Roasting Process
Stirflex Cooler

Patented Perforated Drum

Our proprietary perforated drum gives you a superior convective roast.

Beans are heated by the airflow through the drum resulting in better heat transfer through the bean and a more even roast. The perforated design also means greater batch size flexibility.