Why should I buy BURNS?

One of the most important components that you will choose as you expand your current production capabilities or build an entirely new roasting facility is the coffee roaster itself. Your roaster is, in essence, the heart of your roasting facility, it is what turns coffee brown for your customer! There are a lot of players in the coffee roaster manufacturing business, however, BURNS equipment stands out from the competition in terms of quality, overall flexibility, and value.

Our Quality and Services

BURNS prides itself on manufacturing a quality roasting system that will last your facility for many years. BURNS has produced coffee roasters since 1864, the company would not still be around if it did not make a quality product! Our customers are the best evidence available. Many are roasting on BURNS roasting systems that have been in operation for decades with proper maintenance. On top of supplying spare parts for our roasting systems one of the many services BURNS provides is Roaster Rebuilds (more rebuild info here!), where we will take your older BURNS roaster and replace worn parts, upgrade safety systems to current regulations, and even upgrade the controls to our state-of-the-art Pro Controls system. The Pro Controls Package offers you the capability to perform automatic batching, 9-stage profile roasting, and the storage space for 999 profiles. Further details can be found at the following link.

BURNS – A Flexible Roaster

The design of the BURNS roaster lends itself to superior flexibility. BURNS roasting systems operate primarily using convective heat transfer for lower roasting temperatures and higher airflow. The convective heating of the green coffee is further helped by the BURNS patented perforated drum. The perforations provide ample airflow through the drum to your coffee, creating better heat transfer to the bean, more even roasting, and great batch size flexibility. Due to the perforated drum our BURNS roasters range in capacity from 45 kg – 120 kg for the B270R and 90 kg – 240 kg for the B540R/23R.

Figure 1: The heat transfer of a solid drum roaster vs. the BURNS patented perforated drum

Modular Design

Each “section” of a BURNS roasting system (the Stirflex Cooler, the Afterburner, the Recirculating system and of course the Roaster itself) are built on standalone frames. This modular design allows for fast installation and a space-saving footprint. A BURNS roasting system has a significantly smaller footprint than similarly sized solid drum roasters. In comparison to one competitor’s solid drum roaster of similar capacity, the BURNS B540R/23R occupies a 55% smaller space in terms of square footage. For the space required for our competitor’s roaster you could nearly fit 2 BURNS roasters, yielding double the roasting capacity!

The Value in BURNS

When you purchase a BURNS product you do not just buy a roaster; your hard-earned dollars buy a whole roasting system, including pollution control equipment. The standard delivery for any BURNS roasting system includes the following:

  • Pro Controls Package
  • Roaster
  • Thermal Afterburner
  • Stirflex Cooler
  • Roasted Coffee Destoner
  • Cold Cyclone
  • Recirculation System

Figure 2: The Standard Delivery for a BURNS Roasting System

Compared to the same competitor’s recirculating roaster used in the example above, the BURNS B540R/23R is approximately 43% less expensive for the same scope of delivery. On top of price difference, BURNS roasting systems have a shorter lead time than our competitors. The lead time for a BURNS roaster is 12 weeks from receipt of purchase order to delivery to your door. The modular design of a BURNS roasting system also allows for a quick installation. Our team of skilled service technicians can install a BURNS roaster in 5 weeks or less. What does this mean for you? In as little as 17 weeks you can expand your yearly roasting capacity by nearly 2 million kilograms*. The energy savings for a BURNS roasting system in comparison to other roasters are also substantial. Recirculating roasters like a BURNS yield a nearly 30% energy savings in comparison to non-recirculating roasters.


There are a multitude of reasons to choose BURNS. Reach out to sales@burnsroasters.com or service@burnsroasters.com, or call (877)-683-8113 to speak with one of our in-house experts for any questions. We are here to help!

*Considering a 5 day per week/8 hour/52-week production schedule

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