In the process of deciding the right roasting equipment, some questions need to be answered before you can come to a perfect fit. One of the most important questions is “What size roaster should I buy?”. Though simple, it involves understanding your operation not only in the present but also for the future! The last thing you would want is to size a piece of equipment for your current operation, only to require an upgrade in near future.

Batch Sizing

The first thing to do would be to determine your current batch size roasting time. This batch size and roast time allow us to understand what the total output will be. Let us assume you currently are running a large shop roaster, such as a 25-30 kg shop roaster. These machines have a batch size between 12-30kgs with an average roast cycle of 12 minutes. The largest bottleneck when roasting with a single shop roaster is the capacity itself. Factoring in this bottle neck, you would not be able to roast more than 85 – 120 kg/hr. In the long run, you might find that you are not able to roast enough coffee to meet your customer demand and would like to purchase a larger drum since your annual product output maxes at 180,000 kg./annual (@8hr/5 days operational time). 

Allows for Variety / Floor Space Consideration

Now, let us say you want to add a new roast flavor, or maybe are pushing more product through digital and retail outlets. If your output has doubled, you might think getting another shop roaster might be good enough. At your continued growth rate, soon you would run out of floor space. This is where something like a BURNS B270R makes sense, it offers the industries smallest footprint for a 2-bag roaster…only 20 sqm. Its modular design, fastest-to install and shortest lead-time roaster in its class would be a better option.

Allows for Flexibility

The BURNS 270R can roast up to 600 kg/hr. increasing your annual output to over 1 Million Kgs. This also means you can roast the same 180,000 kg in just 300 hours cutting down operational time by 80%. This grants you the flexibility to experiment on different roast profiles, product offerings and maybe even roasting for other smaller coffee shops.

This level of flexibility in design and operation as well as a 12-week lead time is impossible to find in any roaster in its class. Our team here at BURNS understand there are a lot of complexities when it comes to coffee roasting, but we are fully equipped to make sure that your roasting equipment is simple to understand, operate and incorporate into your current and future production!

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For the B270R and B540R or Coffee Processing Solutions or Service, our team at BURNS is here to make sure your equipment runs right, so you can focus on what is important to running your business! 

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