Our customers need that first cup of coffee in the morning to start the day. Unfortunately for us in the coffee industry, global supply chain issues and labor shortages don’t seem to care. But what if I told you that having solid coffee plant storage solutions in place would help you to overcome both of these issues. If you’re anything like the majority of customers with whom we work, you already have green bean processing but are working with limited green bean silos and/or limited capacity roasted bean silos. Does this sound like you? No worries. We can help you out. We can fit your existing available space with new silos and equipment, allowing you to support your customer’s demands while at the same time eliminating any potential labor or supply chain issues.

When we set up coffee plant storage solutions, to get our customers their best returns, we optimize the transport of your product all the way from dump station to packaging machine. Once you give us your roasted coffee demand, we can determine roasted bean silos requirements along with the equipment required to transport your coffee from the roaster to roasted bean silos.


coffee storage plant solutions
Full Plant Solution complete with Coffee Storage

So let’s start with the plant set up “down stream” of the roaster. When setting up this part of your plant system, it’s important to be working with a team experienced in roasted coffee transport. During the roasting process, as the density of green coffee decreases, the surface of the bean becomes brittle and susceptible to breakage. With the coffee in this newly roasted, vulnerable state, transportation from the roaster to silos is critical. Our conveyance expertise and experience in this area assures customers’ product is transported safely, efficiently, and wholly intact.

Once we’ve set up your plant system down stream of your Roaster, we turn our attention to the green bean processing taking place up stream. Rather than chancing things with a JIT (just in time) type system, our customers can reduce supply chain shortage-related risk by installing adequate green bean silos. We can even facilitate a system for tagging the coffee and feeding it to predetermined silos, eliminating the labor variable as it pertains to green bean processing. For more information on our automated plant controls, check out our Pro Controls – Plant software.

So are you ready to upgrade your plant and eliminate supply chain and labor issues? Reach out to us via the form below or call us at 847.415.5293 to talk plant storage solutions today.