Which would you rather have during your workday? An emergency or a simple issue? I feel we all know the answer to the question. Simple as this question is, I am shocked at the serious spare parts problems we continuously find our customers in. The most common of these problems is not stocking long lead items. For instance, drive motors. For the BURNS line, we only use high quality motors on our drum drives. As a general rule these motors last for years. Yet as all mechanical items do, they fail at some point. Normally at the worst possible time. The standard lead time is 6 to 8 weeks. The pandemic has slowed the supply chain down globally and we are no exception. Lead times for BURNS Spare Parts can now be even longer. Can you imagine being down for more than 8 weeks?




We stock all of the parts for the BURNS B540 “formerly known as the 23R”. A good rule of thumb is to stock all of the roaster and recirculation system components and field devices throughout the roasting, cooling and destoning system. As we move into the holidays which is the peak time of the year for coffee roasting companies, we will generally see a surge in BURNS spare parts orders. Quench pipes, flame deflectors, bearings and front and back discs will be ordered in large quantities. We do prepare stock for the seasonal surge. With that being said, Burns currently has over 500, B540R/23R/23RS roasters in production across North America.

Predicting which item will be the “hot item” can be difficult to do so leave us a message below or reach out to BURNS Spare Parts Manager Charlie Hegar or your Probat Burns Regional Sales Manager and ask them for our updated BURNS recommended spare parts list. It’s that easy to save yourself from a huge headache.