The New Burns Pro Controls – Roaster features web-based HMI screens, operable from any browser with a secure internet connection.


System Overview

The above screenshot shows the System Overview Screen from the New Burns Pro Controls Roaster Software. From this screen, the operator can view information during the roast including, but not limited to, Current Bean Temp, End Roast Temp, Water Quench Quantity, Cooling Time, Discharging Time, etc. As soon as the roaster starts, this screen will also display the various phases of Coffee Roasting, cycling through Heating Up Roaster, Roasting, Pre-Cooling, Drying, and Discharging the Coffee. The left hand side nav shows the operator where each specific recipe’s batch is currently situated within the roaster. The bottom of this display contains various tabs where the user can navigate to different screens such as the Machine Overview, Recipe Page, Alarms/Message, Process, Start/Stop Burner, etc.



machine overview screen from pilot 2020 roaster controls software
Machine Overview

The Machine Overview Screen displayed above provides a visual summary of field devices including Burner, Afterburner, as well as various different areas of Roaster. From this screen, the operator can monitor the position of each valve, level sensors, flaps, Burner rate, Motor/Fan Status etc. This screen provides the operator with a more in-depth, value-based overview of how to handle each different area of the Roaster. All the motors and valves contain color-based visuals where green means running or opened, and red signals the motor or valve has faulted out. The bottom sub menu (just above the gray tabs) also shows the presence of coffee in different areas of roaster such as the feed hopper, roaster, cooler, destoner hopper, etc.



recipes screen from pilot 2020 roaster controls software
Recipes Display

The above screenshot displays the recipes page overview where customer can change/edit, import/export recipes from roaster. The edit to the recipes is strictly available to manager level access whereas an operator is unable to change Recipe Parameters. A Roast Master can add up to 19 stages within each of the recipes. Various stages are then labeled Product Temp (Bean Temp), Roast Supply Air Temp, Roast Exhaust Fan Speed, Fresh Air Supply etc. From this page the customer can adjust the General Settings (Basic Parameters of Roaster). It has also curve tracking along with quality control features, enabling the operator to define quality measures for each recipe.



basic parameters screen
Basic Parameters

All basic roaster parameters are defined within the General Tab as seen within the screenshot above. An operator can change or edit these parameters from this page. The operator can set the Green Coffee Weight, Roast Time, Under Pressure Roaster, Recipe Stages, Quench Water Quantity, Drying Time, Cooling Time, Discharging Time, etc. All changes can be saved and also exported as an excel file or directly to print.



alarms page
Alarms and Messages

This screen is an overview of both the Current, as well as Historical Alarms and Messages. Display options include the exact time stamps when an alarm has occurred as well as when it was acknowledged. The specific type of alarm is also displayed here, informing the operator as to whether it was a process alarm or a different type of alarm. The sequence occurring with this alarm and possible causes and remedies are also displayed. The operator can then acknowledge and reset the alarms from this page. From this screen, the operator can also export a list of all alarms within a particular time frame to both excel or print.


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