So, you decided to respond to an ad for a “Coffee Roaster for Sale”.  The price is great, the pictures look good, the capacity increase you will achieve by adding the roaster already has you visualizing the added revenue and the placement in your plant.  Not so fast, who is the Championship Team that you are going to have install the roaster and who will be there to support you in the Future.

“Coffee Roaster for Sale” seems like an easy connect the dots from purchase to operation.  It seemed pretty easy for the 2022 College Football Playoff National Championship to connect the dots as well.  Alabama handily beat Georgia in the 2021 SEC Championship; Alabama was ranked number 1; so, it stood to reason, that Alabama would be the National Champion.  Multiple injuries later for Alabama and a well-prepared Georgia team with an experienced deep bench gave Georgia the capacity to prevail.  The same holds true for Commercial Coffee Roaster Purchases and Roaster installations.

There are lots of mechanics and millwrights that can place equipment.   There are electricians who can wire a panel or plumbers who can run pipe.  Seeing your vision of a Coffee Roaster for Sale turning into a Coffee Roaster increasing your capacity, revenue, and reliable plant operation requires more than the run of the mill technician.  This is where longevity and experience are worth their weight in coffee.  Longevity means they will be there when you run into problems, need new parts, or have a question about operation.  Experience means they have probably seen the issue you are having; they know how to fix it and they know which landmines to avoid.

Let’s face it, Coffee Roasting is not for the faint of heart.  Natural Gas, flames, high temperatures, dust, and unspent volatiles can all pose a risk to life safety.  At minimum, your vision can be derailed if the control voltage was connected improperly to line voltage, your material transfer equipment is grinding your beans, your gas/water pressures and volumes are under sized for your operation, or a fan is rotating backwards.  With so many variables, the potential for failure without the right installation and support team is more likely than not.

Today we can watch or lookup just about anything on the internet.  I can see how to fix my lawn mower, how to change a washer on a faucet, and even find out tips and tricks to operate a roaster, but I cannot find all the expertise necessary to evaluate a commercial coffee roaster, much less install it.  The coaches of the College Football Playoff National Championship game did not look up on the internet what to do win the game, rather they relied on their training, education, and experience to formulate their plan and adjust it when necessary.

When it comes to converting your vision of a Coffee Roaster for Sale into a Coffee Roaster increasing your capacity, revenue, and reliable run time, you need the most experienced, best trained, and most likely to be around in the future company to assist and support you in making your dream a reality.  BURNS has successfully built and installed Coffee Roasters for 155 years.  Our team has the training, education, and expertise to help you through the process.  We inspect Coffee Roasters, determine their suitability for use, provide the expertise, equipment, and engineering for a complete Coffee Roasting operation.

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Black Rifle Coffee Plant, Installation and Commissioning by BURNS Roasters


We say and believe that BURNS offers superior, comprehensive coffee processing systems as the most trusted name in roasting.  When there is a “Coffee Roaster for Sale”, we can help from the initial purchase to the final operation.  Let our team help make your dream a reality.

One cannot Google Experience.

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