Anyone that’s been searching online for a Commercial Coffee Roaster for sale knows that finding a price listing can be a difficult task. This is because a Commercial Coffee Roaster’s Price can depend on many factors. Commercial coffee roasters, (roasters larger than 2 bags per batch, nominally 500 kgs green per hour), come with various features such as recirculation or non-recirculating design, different options for control systems, as well as pollution control features as to keep compliant with air pollution control regulations.  You can also add on additional features like shrinkage scales, dark roast features, and/or instruments like online moisture measurement.  With all of these possibilities, commercial roasters can have vastly different arrangements.  Luckily, most commercial roasting companies are also able to produce an arrangement that will fit the constraints of your building.  Designing the roaster around the constraints of the customer’s facility with the options required by the customer results in custom platforms and custom ductwork designs.  Because of all of the options listed above, the roaster salesperson will almost always answer the customer price question with a statement like, “The price of the roaster depends upon the options you need.”

At BURNS, we’ve designed a standard Commercial Coffee Roaster with the options that customers request.  Our engineering teams intentionally designed the BURNS roasters with a compact design. This allows us to produce a roaster with recirculation, thermal afterburner, shrinkage scale cooling, destoning, and profile roasting, all while maintaining a small footprint.  This small footprint has become a key feature of the BURNS roaster and it allows us to keep our final price down, making the BURNS Roasters the best value in the market. At the time of this publication, our B270R is priced at $355,000, which includes recirculation, thermal afterburner, shrinkage scale cooling, destoning, and profile roasting. Our B540R is currently listed at $565,000, which also includes the aformentioned features.

The chart below summarizes the ranges of both 2 Bag, as well as 4 Bag Coffee Roasters and where the BURNS machines fit into the distribution.

Commercial Coffee Roaster Price Range

Visit our B270R, B540R, or 23R pages, download one of our specification sheets, and find our precisely how a BURNS Roaster will fit into your facility.  Submit the contact form below and a salesperson will promptly send you a quotation. The Commercial Coffee Roaster Price will be shown as listed above!