Our Pro Controls Package allows the most efficient roasting available. Over 100 roast profiles and curve tracking allows automatic batch roasting, with a report from each batch available. Your Roast master  creates the profiles allowing other operators to roast to the exact profile ensuring consistent quality.


  • Curve tracking for maximum production and repeatability
  • Historical batch reporting and storage
  • Automatic roasting From Charge to Destoning

Features & Benefits

  • Up to 9 Stage Profile Roasting
  • Real Time Alarms & Alarm History
  • Automatic/Continuous or Manual Batching
  • Remote Plant System Profile Selection
  • Manual Maintenance Screen for Equipment Checkout
  • Curve Tracking Control Application
  • Stored Curve Tracking Batch Reports
  • Up to 999 Roast Profiles
  • ACO/Pre-heat Capabilities
  • Integration to handling systems

Patented Perforated Drum

Our proprietary perforated drum gives you a superior convective roast.

Beans are heated by the airflow through the drum resulting in better heat transfer through the bean and a more even roast. The perforated design also means greater batch size flexibility.