Remote Service

All of our latest roasters allow for remote service. Out team can connect to your roaster for a variety of uses.  Older roaster? Not to worry we can get that system set up with remote capabilities as well.

  • Program modifications
  • Screen customization
  • Batch report customization
  • Troubleshooting
  • Auxiliary device integration




PC Updates

Is your roaster running an old operating system? Microsoft ended support for windows 7 in January. Don’t let your most important plant system become vulnerable. We can replace your current Operator interface with the latest operating system.

Upgrade Includes
  • PC with Intel processor
  • Wireless keyboard and mouse
  • License upgrade, Installation, and configuration of:
  • Rockwell Factory Talk ME (and conversion existing HMI project to V11)
  • Rockwell RS Linx Classic
  • Rockwell USB licensing Dongle
  • Curve Tracking
  • Batch reporting

All existing roast profiles are saved and put on the new system, along with any existing batch reports.

Install it yourself or have us come on-site, typical downtime is less than 30 min.

Pro Controls Upgrade

Technology changes quickly, Burns roasters are in service for many years.  Our Controls team can upgrade any roaster to Pro Controls the latest in roasting technology. Bring your roaster up to date and improve your efficiency.


Features & Benefits
  • Up to 9 Stage Profile Roasting
  • Real Time Alarms & Alarm History
  • Automatic/Continuous or Manual Batching
  • Remote Plant System Profile Selection
  • Manual Maintenance Screen for Equipment Checkout
  • Curve Tracking Control Application
  • Stored Curve Tracking Batch Reports
  • Up to 999 Roast Profiles
  • ACO/Pre-heat Capabilities
Full Plant Controls

Burns software and control systems drive the highest level of performance from your Burns equipment. These semi- and fully automatic systems ensure a consistent, high quality product, maximize production and are easy to integrate across your entire facility, or into any process. Our control systems provide the assurance you need to grow your business while retaining control over your signature roasts.