Our customer commitment

At BURNS we have finance industry relationships and collaborate with them to strengthen our partnership with our customers!

Some important considerations to increasing your roasting capacity is how will the new machinery be paid for?  Should you treat that payment at CAPEX or OPEX?  Companies across the globe are executing financing programs to pay less up-front and be more competitive.

TOP 10 Reasons To Finance

#10Stay Competitive: Avoid technology obsolescence and stay ahead of the competition using equipment refresh.

# 9Accounting Benefits: Monthly payments may be deductible as operating expenses rather than accounting for the equipment as an asset.

# 8Achieve Predictability: Lease programs provide steady, fixed monthly payments so you can avoid unpredictable budgeting.

# 7Low Down Payment: A first and last payment is usually all that is required.

# 6Customizable: Create a lease to fit your situation with skip payments or seasonal payments.

# 5Flexibility: At the end of a lease, simply select the option to extend or purchase the equipment.

# 4Preserve Cash: Working capital is not tied up in equipment and free for investments.

# 3Preserve Bank Lines: Leasing won’t affect your bank limits.  You still have 100% of credit available.

# 2100% Financing: Leasing covers 100% of equipment cost with room to for turnkey installation.

# 1Realize profits immediately: Financing enables profitability because you only need to cover the monthly payment.

There are a lot of players in the coffee roaster manufacturing business, however, BURNS equipment stands out from the competition in terms of quality, overall flexibility, and value.  Add to that list the availability of financing customized to meet your specific business needs.


You may have a couple…here are some options for your consideration, reach out to:

  1. BURNS www.burnsroasters.com or call (877)-683-8113 to speak with one of us!
  2. American Market – First American Equipment Finance, Jessica Wilson jessica.wilson@favf.com
  3. American Market– Specialty Coffee Finance, Dan Harris danh@specialtycoffeefinance.com
  4. International Deal – Trade Acceptance Group, Jacqueline Grahn jackie@tradeacceptance.com

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