For three days in April over ten thousand people from 75 different countries converged in Seattle at the coffee industry’s major U.S.  trade show known as the Specialty Coffee Expo.

Coffee and roasting professionals from the entire ecosystem participated in this event. Hundreds of exhibitors showcased their latest product innovations, thousands participated in classes to improve their coffee knowledge or listened to lectures that would enhance their entrepreneurial experience, many roaster operators learned to roast beans on leading edge equipment, while a select group of baristas competed for the best libation creation.  The energy was high and there was no end to all things coffee!!

This is the second year in a row Jabez Burns exhibited at The Coffee Expo in Seattle and the show did not disappoint. Jabez Burns unique customer following knows the 23R roaster is a solid workhorse which lasts for decades. The patented perforated drum gives a superior roast batch after batch and has a capacity to roast up to 2,500 lbs. / 1,134 kg per hour.

New for Jabez Burns this year was the Pro Controls system for the 23R roaster.  The Pro Controls system has nine features which complement the entire roasting process.  Pro Controls include:

  1. 9-Stage Profile Roasting
  2. Real Time Alarms & Alarm History
  3. Automatic or Manual Batching
  4. NEW Maintenance Mode
  5. Curve Tracking Control
  6. Stored Curve Tracking Batch Reports
  7. Sore 999 Roast Profiles
  8. Pre-heat & Automatic Clean Out Capabilities

VP Controls provides a brief user experience of Pro Controls at the Coffee Expo.

To learn more about the 23R roaster or add Pro Controls to your existing roaster, email or call toll free 877-683-8113.

It was a terrific show and we look forward to Boston 2019.

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